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Sunjump Records was created in 1986 by John Esposito to produce the music of the cooperative band Second Sight. The compositions played by the band were primarily John’s, with contributions by Jeff Marx and Dave Douglas. Promotion for the band and the label was handled by the indefatigable and unforgettable Lloyd Paioff aka Little Elliot Lloyd, Blues shouter and guitarist extraordinaire.


The first release in 1986 was Second Sight Flying With The Comet. There were two more releases in 1988: Jose Chalas Living on Avenue F and Marc Wagnon Shadowlines. The records were done as audiophile quality Direct Metal pressings on Teldec vinyl which was a technology intended to create the clean, accurate sound production of digital recording without losing the warmth associated with vinyl.


Other musicians associated with and promoted by Sunjump and Lloyd Paioff were Santi DeBriano, Marilyn Crispell , Matt Shipp and Rob Brown. Sunjump folded as an active enterprise in 1989. Lloyd continued to do artist promotion through his own Larkin Productions and worked for several record labels in NYC until his death in 1993.


Sunjump was revived in 2006. John Esposito is the executive producer. The label features John’s new work; collaborative projects with guitarist Sangeeta Michael Berardi, saxophonist Mitch Kessler, flutist Jayna Nelson, pianist/composer Bob Murad, and a trio with saxophonist Jeff Marx and drummer Jeff Siegel.


Sunjump is also dedicated to the release of previously unavailable archival recordings. John is pleased to have an ongoing working relationship with Scott Petito and NRS Recording Studio, Catskill. NY.



John Esposito's Sunjump label has a catalogue of nineteen cds.


Currently Available are:

2006 - John Esposito - Down Blue Marlin Road

2006 - John Esposito - The Blue People

2008 - Second Sight - Flying With The Comet

2008 - Sangeeta - Earthship

2008 - John Esposito - A Book Of Five Rings

2009 - Steve Geraci - Aliqae Song

2009 - Mitch Kessler - Erratica

2009 - Marx/Siegel/Esposito - Inyo

2010 - Jayna Nelson - Bloom Of Creation

2010 - John Esposito - Orisha

2011 - Mitch Kessler - Der Erlkönig

2012 - Sangeeta Michael Berardi - Calling Coltrane

2012 - Marx/Siegel/Esposito - Tahrir

2013 - Sangeeta Michael Berardi - The Mr P Sessions

2015 - Bob Murad - The Observer

2018 - John Esposito Quintet - Lyra

2018 - Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Music Is Love:The Manhattan Sessions

2020 - John Esposito & Second Sight - Tiger Tracks

2020 - Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Divine Song



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The Observer


Music is Love: The Manhattan Sessions

Tiger Tracks

Divine Song

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