A Book Of Five Rings

"Two Worlds" is a lengthy suite-like performance that alternates accordingly between sections of delicate interplay and cacophonous improvisation. The finale, another suite, "...and His Spirit Ascended/Trane's Church" builds slowly from a flute led meditation to a full out late period Coltrane ecstatic blowout. It's quite impressive and the musicians never lose focus during the near half our long dramatic improvisation. It unfolds like a ceremony and as such is quite an accomplishment.” Tim Niland - Jazz and Blues Blogspot


This 1997 Knitting Factory Concert is comprised of five extended, through composed/free improvisation compositions by John Esposito for octet. The broad range of the instrumentation (from tuba to piccolo) is matched by the dynamic, tonal and emotional expanse of this music. A powerhouse rhythm section.


Edited and mastered by Scott Petito, NRS Studio, Catskill, NY and released 2008.

Cover and interior video stills by Laura Steele.

CD graphic design by Bruce Sconzo.


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