Sangeeta Michael Berardi
Calling Coltrane

“....pits free improvisation and striking rhythmic instability in a way that challenges  listeners to find their own path to understanding Berardi's musical point.....some of Berardi's most inventive and personal playing.”

- Aaron Craven


The second part of the 1996 Studio session that yielded Sangeeta Michael Berardi's Earthship reveals more of this under-recorded, highly original guitarist. Includes five compositions by Berardi, two by Esposito and "Wise One" by John Coltrane. An unusual mix of quintet pieces and duets, including several incandescent guitar/drums explorations.


Recorded at Nevessa Studio, Woodstock, NY by Ted Orr and remastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studio, Catskill, NY in 2011.

Cover and interior art, paintings, drawings and poems by Sangeeta.

CD graphic design by Bruce Sconzo.


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