Mitch Kessler

“.......technically adventurous as well as arrestingly cerebral....groove(s) at a high-thermometer reading.....aglow in white heat......the ensemble jumps through narrow portals with an abandonment of fear.” - Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson Chronogram


This debut CD by alto and tenor saxophone virtuoso Mitch Kessler brings to light a little known but highly developed instrumental and compositional voice. Mr. Kessler, a prolific composer, has chosen to present 8 of his originals, drawing on his arsenal of Post-Dolpy/Coltrane, Free Jazz, Early 20th Century German Expressionism and the Blues.


He is accompanied by an acrobatically flexible trio with pianist John Esposito, bassist Ira Coleman and drummer Peter O'Brien.


Recorded August 26, 08 and mixed and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studio Catskill, NY.

Cover art by Monika Woll.

CD graphic design by Bruce Sconzo.