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 “…all the ingredients of great jazz, in a classic Blue Note sort of way: they swing hard, the melodies are both effervescent, memorable & even soulful, the arrangements are slyly crafty and all solos are inspired.”

                Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery


 Nine new Esposito compositions arranged for three horns.  An exploration of how much variety of color it’s possible to get with just trumpet, woodwinds and valve trombone.


Chris Pasin - trumpet & cornet

Eric Person - flute, soprano, alto and tenor saxes

Phil Allen - valve (lazy musician’s) trombone

John Esposito - piano

Ira Coleman - bass

Peter O’Brien - drums


Recorded July 11 & 12,  2022 by Scott Petito at NRS Catskill, NY

Edited, mixed and mastered by Scott Petito

Producer: John Esposito

Production assistance: Beth Reinecke

Cover art design: Dana Faconti Studio

Cover art photo: Laura Steele