Sangeeta Michael Berardi
The Mr P Sessions

 ".....This is a gloriously sprawling, 2 CD hodgepodge of sound….. Berardi explores a world of ringing vibrations on these instruments where his Parkinson's tremors are incorporated into the artistry, beautifully.…..featuring Berardi's still-eloquent work on acoustic guitar…..The Mr. P Sessions is a triumphant offering from Sangeeta Michael Berardi."  Dan McClenaghan


A great improvising guitarist, stricken with Parkinson’s disease musically reinvents himself. Eight musicians and a poet come together to create two cds: one of music and another of poetry with musical accompaniment.


Recorded June 13 & 14 2011 and mixed and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS, Catskill, NY.

Cover art: Sangeeta

Graphic Design: Kazio Sosnowski & Malin McWalters