Sangeeta Michael Berardi
Music is Love: The Manhattan Sessions

MUSIC IS LOVE: THE MANHATTAN SESSIONS is the second record date Sangeeta did for Bruce Calabrese’s Beat City record label as a follow up to Divine Song. It was originally titled Inside The Outside but was never released. The session represents a meeting of the minds between Sangeeta and guitarist Joe Diorio who Sangeeta played with in Chicago in 1963 where he was featured on Diorio's Saturday morning club jam session. Both Sangeeta and Diorio are natives of Waterbury, Connecticut.


Sangeeta Michael Berardi - guitar

Joe Diorio - guitar

Vea Williams - vocals

Eddie Gomez - bass

Rashied Ali - drums

Geoffrey Gordon - tabla/percussion

Rahiim Taalib - percussion



Edited & mastered by Scott Petito 2017 at NRS, Catskill, NY

Executive Producer - John Esposito

Cover art - Sangeeta Michael Berardi

Package design - Laura Steele