".... a superior example of modernistic swing, Esposito making melodic fills shimmer in the midst of a sweeping hurricane of rhythm....mixes rollicking stride piano with ethereal impressionism.....this Eastern philosophy of yin and yang that is translated beautifully into a work of art that is as progressive as it is nostalgic and as aggressive as it is tender."

Jakob Baekgaard


Orisha is the second John Esposito Trio release with Bassist Ira Coleman and Peter O'Brien. It features nine Esposito original compositions and one each by Coleman and O'Brien. The pieces range from elegiac to exultant, performed with this trio's signature sense of spontaneous unfolding and unwavering intention.


Recorded January 9 &12, 2010 and mixed and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS, Catskill, NY.

Cover art oil painting and watercolors by Ellen Troncone Esposito.

CD graphic design by Bruce Sconzo.