• About Sangeeta's Artwork

    Sangeeta on his artwork: “My drawings & paintings are mostly improvisations like much of my music. The lines in the drawings are melodies that move to the rhythms inherent in their soft swaying curves, their jagged hard edged spikes. Some forms are made from clusters of small modular markings, or ‘notes’. Some of the forms, heads for instance, when perceived together, suggest a rhythmic phrase: one head might sit perfectly balanced in the center of the beat, while others lean into the front of the beat, or ride the backbeat to create a kind of visual syncopation.”


    “My paintings, too, are music for the eyes. I’ve often wondered how a person with synesthesia, specifically one who ‘hears colors’, might react to & translate my paintings. As in the ink drawings the contours that define the shapes & images, & the colors themselves, combine & interact in the paintings to create a rhythmical musical composition. Of course, as with beauty, music, too, is in the eye of the beholder.”