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“...believing that great art eventually will find its way to those who seek it... Pianist John Esposito's Sunjump label... shows that it possible to revisit and rewrite the past and dig up forgotten treasures, but it is just as much concerned with contemporary music. Whether releasing music that ties the knot between the past and present or bringing out historical music ahead of its time, Sunjump's musical profile is located in the here and now. It is a musical archaeology of the present.”
    Jakob Baekgaard -

"Sunjump is just part of a larger phenomenon that is happening: individual musicians are producing music projects on a level equal to or superior to the projects that large record companies used to produce. The large companies are folding or hanging on by producing predictable mass-market music or occasionally stumbling onto a creative project that also makes them some money. It's easier now for individual, independent musicians to record an ongoing, changing body of work and get it to the specific people who want to hear it no matter where they are in the world."
     John Esposito