The Blue People

“ …..offering lucid, forward thinking, rhythmically propelling ideas, and display(ing) the right mix of moxey and taste......He succeeds on many real and important levels in creating some of the finest new modern jazz you may hear in the post-Wynton Marsalis era.”

- Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide


An album of nine original Esposito compositions by this quintet of agile improvisers ranging from dense polyrhythmic, polymetric and hard swinging to quietly profound. The debut recording of Eric Person on tenor sax on whose CDs Esposito has appeared regularly, and an early documentation and jubilant display of trumpet brawn by Greg Glassman.


The supple rhythm section includes bassist Kenny Davis and drummer Peter O’Brien with pianist John Esposito whose playing critic Kyle Gann describes as “…evanescent, like flashes of thought.”


Recorded November 2003 and mixed and mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studio, Catskill, NY. Cover and interior sculptures by Stuart Krisel.

CD graphic design by Bruce Sconzo.