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  Showing a wealth of compositional originality rooted in Blue Note Classicism, this debut CD by Washington, DC based pianist/composer Bob Murad features 8 original compositions and an arrangement of 2 Arthur Rhames originals performed by 2 hard driving bands. Great music by a fascinating musician who is known regionally and deserves to be known internationally. Murad is backed by an array of proven veterans and strong newcomers.


Recorded at Blue House Productions,

Silver Spring, MD by Jeff Gruber (tracks 2,4,9) 7/17/2014

Recorded, edited & mixed at NRS, Catskill, NY by Scott Petito 8/5/2014

Cover Photo: Peter Murad

Booklet Photos: Kenny Rittenhouse, John Esposito, Jeff Gruber

Photo Edits: Laura Steele

Graphic Design: Bruce Sconzo

Executive Producer: John Esposito

Producers: Bob Murad, John Esposito

“Murad’s debut CD The Observer, presents an uplifting musical program. His original compositions are both an homage to the Bluenote classic tradition and forward looking gesture displaying a high level of originality, skill and confidence. He’s supported by a superb cast of widely acclaimed “A-list” musicians. A fresh voice deserving wider recognition.”

                     Benito Gonzalez, June 2015


“The harmonically advanced compositions are quite original in both their melodies and their chord changes, and the individual musicians all have their own sounds and approaches to playing modern jazz……excellent interplay between Faife and Murad……. rhythmically exciting with adventurous solos……….solid and joyful swinging… impressive effort by Bob Murad, a pianist and composer who deserves to be much better known. “

                   Scott Yanow


"Bob Murad is a fascinating tunesmith, with compositions that are full of nooks and crannies to explore. But the real joy is in his piano playing. The tone is luminous, the harmonies rich, the turns of phrase bewitching."


                   Michael J. West