Jeff Marx
Treading Air...Breathing Fire

Music by the late, great saxophonist Jeff Marx, who worked with John Esposito on a number of projects besides his own including Second Sight and the Marx/Siegel/Esposito Trio. This is a double CD of studio sessions with 2 previously unreleased tracks and a previously unreleased live concert. Compositions are by Jeff Marx and John Esposito.


Jeff Marx- tenor saxophone

Greg Glassman- trumpet

John Esposito- piano

Ira Coleman- bass

Peter O’Brien- drums


Tracks 1- 9 recorded at Clubhouse Studios, Rhinebeck, NY August 2002

Engineers: Sean Price, David Resnick & Paul Antonelle

Producers: David Resnick & Jayna Nelson

Edited & mixed: David Resnick, Russell Frehling  at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY

Production Assistance: Jeff Marx & John Esposito

Mastered at NRS Studios by Scott Petito

Photography: Todd Weinstein

Original 2002 release by Soluna Records. Sunjump rerelease courtesy of Dan Stone, Kale Kaposhilin & David Resnick

Soluna Graphic Design: Jason Martin

Sunjump Graphic Design:  Dana Faconti Studio


Tracks 10 - 14 recorded live at Milagros, Tivoli, NY August 2002 by David Resnick David Resnick with production assistance by Caitlin Lord Kaposhilin & Kale Kaposhilin